What better way to start off my new blog than with the most anticipated MMORPG of the year…Star Wars the Old Republic!  1 month 15 days till release, (1 month 10 days for those of us with early access)!  I have been waiting for over 2 years for this to come out, was fortunate to test a little in beta, and now cannot play anything else!  Was playing Rift before the beta testing, but after experiencing the awesomeness of SWTOR, I cannot even log in to Rift anymore.   This is different from any other mmorpg you’ve ever played, even experienced gamers!  You are totally immersed in the game play…no quest clickers around here!!   You have your two factions of course,  the Galactic Republic vs. Sith Council.  Good vs. Evil.  Or is it?  You can choose dark side/light side points no matter which faction you choose, so you can be a dark jedi or a good sith, or a combination in between.  For those of you who have been living under rock and haven’t heard of SWTOR, go to here and watch some fantastic trailers!  Or here to get some general info.  It won’t disappoint!


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