Star Wars Xbox 360

While we’re on the topic of Star Wars, have you seen the Star Wars Xbox with Kinect?  I have to have one!  Luckily for me, our current xbox is no longer working, and alas, I could not fix it.  So…I guess I’m just gonna have to replace it, with the STAR WARS version!!!  I don’t have a kinect, but have been wanting one, so there’s another reason to get this one.  And it’s 320gb, the biggest they make.  If you look at the C3P0 controller, the underside is painted with his wires!  SO, if you’re a Star Wars fan, and need a new xbox, and are patient enough to wait a couple months, this is the xbox for you!  Keep in mind, it is a little spendier than the other xboxes at $449, but to me it’s worth it.   I really wanted to replace the xbox for christmas this year, but this won’t be out ’til after the first of the year.   Guess I’ll have to find something else for the holidays…


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